Are you a seasoned AME or technician looking for exciting new aviation opportunities or fresh out of school and ready for your career to take off?

By leveraging our industry expertise and long-standing connections with some of the top commercial and chartered airlines, Avicrew Management can help you find the right job opportunity.

Not only will we provide you with a list of exciting career options and vacancies, but we also provide assistance and guidance for new pilots with low time.


Whether you are an AME or a technician in between jobs or looking for a change, look to Avicrew Management. Thanks to our partnerships with chartered, private and corporate airlines, we offer many opportunities for seasoned aviation professionals.

Our main focus is finding aviation opportunities that are in line with your interests, goals and priorities. We aim to place you in a position where you can develop your technical skills and competencies.


Are you tired of working full-time for the same company? Are you itching to experience new and unique locations and challenges? We can help connect your skills and expertise to companies that are looking for contract AME’s and/or technicians. 

We can connect you to both temporary and long-term contract options with our partners in Canada and around the world. With your unique skills and ambition, the sky is the limit.